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About our shop

Established in 2018, Mama Ayesha is a purveyor of the best flavors, spices, dried items, and frozen food sources to our customers. They range from famous star gourmet experts to home cooks all over the place. We’ve got experience by spending over 4 years arranging our worldwide network of premium cultivators and wholesalers to offer our clients unmatched quality and determination. Our items range from fundamental and uncommon flavor varietals and worldwide food varieties.

What we do

We at Mamaayesha are focused on maintaining and fortifying the organization’s center principles of premium quality, newness, and assortment—meanwhile regarding culinary customs, traditions, and experiences all across the globe. We are thriving to raise the conveyance of providing premium quality products that you can easily buy online, which means you need not rush to the stores to buy organic and authentic products.