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The Natural and organic Black Eyed Beans are also called Safaid Lobia. They are perhaps the most well-known natural legume. These delicious and versatile beans have great health benefits. Since they contain low carbohydrates, they are considered an ideal decision for weight reduction slims down. Safaid Lobia is a perfect meal choice for vegetarians and vegans as they are rich in protein.

  • We offer organic Black-Eyed Beans that can assist you with meeting your everyday portion of iron, potassium, Vitamin A & B
  • They are loaded with dietary fiber, which standardizes absorption and can work with weight reduction.
  • Safaid Lobia is the Number 1 source of Folate.
  • You can use the beans in salads, stews or you can make a special delicious spread by cooking them with spices.
  • The beans are organic, which means there aren’t any additives or “fillers” added to them.


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