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Asafoetida which is also spelled as asafetida is an Indian spice called ?Hing?. This spice is native to the mountains of Afghanistan and the deserts of Iran. It has a pungent smell that dissipates upon cooking and delivers the flavor reminiscent of onion or leeks. Hing is considered digestive as it helps to digest lentils, peas, and legumes.

  • Asafetida is typically used as a flavor enhancer in Indian cuisines. Or it may also be used as a replacement for onion or garlic.?
  • We offer hing spice that is organic and 100% natural. No artificial colors are added to it.
  • Sometimes, Asafoetida is also added to the foods to harmonize sour, salted, sweet, or spicy components.?
  • The strong aroma of hing, when cooked well in the food, leaves a delicious flavor of onion or garlic in the food.
  • Our products are of premium quality


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