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Carom seeds which are commonly called ajwain are an Indian herb. One of its best features is that its seed and leaves are both used in culinary items. It is a small oval-shaped seed that has a bitter, pungent smell and flavour. Its taste is very much similar to oregano, and its hot smell is similar to thyme. In Indian cuisine, it is mainly used for chaunk/Tarka, which is a mixture of spices and ginger-garlic fried in oil or butter. When sprinkled over cookies, bread, and biscuits, it infuses a great flavor to them. Besides that, ajwain is used for medical purposes too.?

  • The product is authentic?
  • We offer 100% organic, non-GMO products that are of premium quality?
  • Sprinkle it over cookies to have an infused flavour
  • Used for Tarka/Chaunk in Indian Cuisines


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